Saturday, November 14, 2009

Pot Luck Projects

Otto Borden ‘13

A Walk in the Past: Following the Revolutionary
Foot Steps of American & British Soldiers

As many know, Maryland and Pennsylvania are full of historic battlefields and footpaths that American and British soldiers used during the Revolutionary War. Gettysburg is one of the most popular spots, but what about the others? What do they look like? How did the fields and paths appear to the soldiers hundreds of years ago? Professor Bruce and Otto Borden ‘13 set out to answer these questions with their 3D rendition of these historical sites. Their goal was to recreate the fields as they looked during the war and place 3D soldiers to move around the maps, in order to show the paths that they took.

This project involved the use of Google Earth to create this sequential tour of the movement of both American and British forces during the battle of Brandywine. The research involved finding websites for townships and counties that were involved in the battles. Otto used their historic sites to gather information about what happened in the battle and replay that information back in order in Google Earth. Historical maps were found on the internet to ensure that the placement of the troops was correct. This project was challenging, but rewarding, says Otto Borden.

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