Friday, February 12, 2010

Digital Education

By Nich Tremper ‘13

The Washington College Geographic Information Systems lab has continued its commitment to provide education to students today to make them competitive in the geospatial workforce of tomorrow through the Geospatial Education Technology Initiative (GetIT). The curriculum is taught through an online classroom called Moodle. Our Moodle program currently moved to a new more user friendly, website (, that is used by WC students in GIS classes, adult professionals utilizing distance learning and K-12 schools throughout the country. Our new website allows these students easier access to our staff and other means of assistance as they go through the curriculum.

Through a renewal of the Base Realignment and Closure Act (BRAC) grant we are able to offer quality education in GIS to Maryland adults who want to begin learning (or continue learning) about GIS.

Our program also developed a way to help K-12 schools across America. The GetIT program allows teachers to use our curriculum to teach GIS to their students; however the program is designed to be easier for teachers to introduce data from their own areas to make GIS more applicable to their students.

The site has a guest accessible section featuring our special topics courses.

This is an incredible feat and none of it would be possible without the hard work of our student interns; Heather Black ‘13, Otto Borden 13’, Anna Burress ‘13, Glenn Chew 13’, Joe DeStefano ‘13, Caroline Grier ‘10, Andrew Hale ‘10, Elise Keller ‘10, Smaa Koraym 13’, Nich Tremper ‘13 and Megan Wise ‘10.

Our New Training Site

Screen Capture from Digitizing Lesson

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