Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Heading South

Today we went south on the boat since last week we went north. Sounded like a good reason to me.

John Anderson, Emily Aiken, Samantha Bulkilvish, and I went out. John was looking to get more historic houses and this time he prepared a field map that exactly identified which homes along the river were considered historic house by the Maryland Historic Trust ( Emily was scouting sites for her project on establishing an environmental water testing grid on the river.

Before we left we had a nice talk with John Wagner, Waterfront Director, and told him of our idea to test water coming out of the town sewer plant. He informed us something we did not know which is the town now dumps the outflow from the sewer plant from a pipe that is submerged into the river. We need to find the exact location of this pipe so we can submerge a test collector and sample right where the outflow comes into the river. I thought we would find a simple pipe draining right into Radcliffe Creek and we could just sample the outflow as it poured out of the pipe.

In addition to John Anderson getting a lot of house images we also helped Matt out and got a lot of dock images for his project. We videotaped a couple of marinas too for Matt. Note to self, we need a better video camera with a gyro stabilizer.

The highlight of the trip I think was when we saw a bald eagle sitting in a tree next to the river.

Photo courtesy of John Anderson

When it flew away we got to see an aerial bird fight as the osprey seemed to chase it away. And we saw more deer which I got on video tape along with osprey sitting around. With all of this and the literally hundreds of different other kinds of seagulls, ducks, cormorants, and other birds it was like the wild kingdom on the Chester today. Another great day on the river!

-Reported by Stewart Bruce

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