Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Eye on the Environment: GIS on the Chester

BY; Smaa Koraym ‘13

The goal of GIS on the Chester is to make the Chester River the best mapped river in the United States, while providing an accurate set of data that will help a variety of different groups, show people self-responsibility when using the river, and teach them protection measures needed to preserve the Chester River and the Chesapeake Bay for future generations. The project is divided into four parts: Sub-Watershed Analysis, Towns, Natural Resource Areas, and General Themes. With approximately 19 students in the class, Professor Bruce has assigned each of them a different topic to cover diverse aspects of the project. To start off their assignment, each student is responsible for collecting data such as a boundary layer, roads layer, hydrography, and imagery in order to assemble a GIS of their sub-watershed. From there the students will use their skills to analyze any aspect of their choice in regards to the given area. Although each student is working independently, they will all be bringing different information to the table and collaborate, putting their ideas together to help make the Chester River cleaner.

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