Sunday, October 24, 2010

Pot Luck Projects

By: Anna Burress ‘13

The GIS lab will be going global this semester! GIS intern Anna Burress will be attending the International Political Science Association’s annual convention in 2012, and as part of her research, she is collecting and interpreting GIS data on the Middle East. She is researching the failure to institute democracy in Pakistan, and in preparation, she is utilizing the capabilities of the GIS to aid in studying current and historical democracy data of the country. Anna is finding that GIS and international studies go hand in hand in these cases. Issues such as the rise of regional ideological groups in place of party affiliation are directly affected by the geographic makeup of the country. Furthermore, clashes between historical ethnic groups that have thrived in Pakistan for centuries can be identified much more effectively with the aid of mapping visuals. Anna is finding that with the help of GIS research, the product that she will take with her to the conference will be much stronger.

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