Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Current Projects: Walking Maps

By: Heather Black

It probably doesn’t come as a shock that everything in and around Chestertown is within 3 miles of the college, taking about 15 minutes to walk. A little further away is the country club, taking around 30 minutes to walk to, where you can hit some golf balls around. Or, if golf is not your style, you can stay right on campus and still walk just over a mile. Plus staying on campus provides you with all the added benefits of the Casey Swim Center and the Lifetime Fitness Center. Why not enjoy the beauty of Chestertown and exercise at the same time?

The GIS Lab has partnered with the Director of Human Resources, Alan Chesney, and Recreation Director, Jonathan Jenkins, to establish walking maps that show faculty, staff , and students different routes. These routes can be taken at your leisure to take advantage of the chance to exercise and be outdoors. Since the weather will be getting better soon, we are hoping that more and more members of the community will decide to spend time outdoors. This will be a better opportunity than being confined to the indoors of the academic buildings or the dorms. By showing the Washington College community the different walking routes that they could take, we are hoping to encourage the community to exercise. We are doing so by showing that one does not need to go to the gym and lift weights or run on a treadmill to lose weight. You can instead simply step outside and take a walk. You can access these walking maps from the following link.

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