Sunday, March 20, 2011

Mapping Beyond the Lab

By: Matt Stiles 11’

Over the summer I started working in the GIS lab, working on crime mapping projects along with a few other projects. I also worked with the summer camp where I got to spend a few days driving a boat up and down the Chester River, mapping docks and collecting water samples. As an Environmental Studies major, during the beginning of my senior year I needed to start developing a plan for my senior capstone project. After some preliminary research I decided to do my project as a comparison between ethanol and biodiesel. I am able to utilize many of my skills that I obtained working in the GIS lab to help with my Capstone Project. I have been collecting national data about crops and ethanol producing plants to show where ethanol can be produced. This is very important because ethanol, unlike biodiesel, has many challenges when it comes to transportation because it absorbs water rapidly and can go bad. These maps can show where ethanol can be easily produced and marketed, and they are important because the only way that ethanol could be feasible is if it can reach the consumers.

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