Monday, April 25, 2011

Crime! Works So Well it’s Practically Criminal

Through funding from the Governor’s Office of Crime Control and Prevention, the GIS lab has developed MOMS, (Maryland Off ender Management System), an innovative web-based application that centralizes justice information and shares it with designated law enforcement and criminal justice agencies. New funding will provide a number of technical enhancements to MOMS, improving the ability of the application to handle additional datasets, and improve the security and reliability of the system. James Costigan, Assistant Special Agent in Charge of the FBI Baltimore Field Office said that MOMS will help “protect the citizens of Maryland and Delaware through the integration of law enforcement data.

Devin Hayward ‘14
Devin Hayward is a freshman at Washington College and is majoring in Psychology with a concentration in clinical counseling. Devin became interested in GIS when she learned about what the lab does with crime mapping and analysis. She hopes that working in the GIS “crime lab” will provide her with skills and knowledge that will help her later on in her career goals. Devin is currently working on crime mapping and data analysis, most of which is specifically focused to improving MOMS.

Sam Margolis ‘14
Sam decided to work for GIS because he has always been interested in Criminology and after taking the classes on GIS and seeing its potential he became more interested in the topic. Currently he is working in the crime department of the GIS Lab. His current project is making a map showing all of the burglaries that have taken place in and around Hyattsville, Maryland. By using GIS he hopes to help law enforcement agencies do their job more efficiently by using the maps to determine any crime patterns in the area.

Jeff Sullivan ‘14
Jeff is a freshman here at Washington College, and plans on majoring in Environmental Studies. Jeff became interested in GIS after taking the introductory course and seeing its potential relevance with wildlife management. He hopes that working as a GIS intern will expand his abilities and knowledge of GIS software. Currently Jeff is working on research about previous off ender mapping systems, and will soon begin working with the MOMS system.

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