Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Hunter H. Harris appointed as new Research Associate at Washington College GIS Program

I am very excited to announce that Hunter Harris, President of Aloft Aerial Photography, has joined our GIS team at Washington College as a research associate to educate our students on how to work with aerial photography and aerial video. I encourage you to check out his website at http://www.flyaloft.com. Hunter is truly an amazing guy with decades of experience flying airplanes, seaplanes, gliders, jets, helicopters, and blimps. He flew the Pink Floyd Blimp “Division Belle” promoting their 1994 world tour, for example. He is also an excellent photographer and his skills will be a valuable asset to our program while his knowledge and experience will greatly help our students broaden their experiences while at the college.

Hunter has long standing ties to the college. His grandfather and father were both Washington College graduates and his family are 6th generation residents of Kent County, Maryland - newcomers, so to speak, for long term Eastern Shore residents. We have been involved with Hunter for years now and strongly support his concerns over the environmental degradation of the Chesapeake Bay. His exhibit “The Bay From Above” was recently featured at the Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum showing early aerial images and present day aerial images of various locations around the Chesapeake Bay.

In his new role as a research associate, he will act as a mentor to several students including Michael Baker, Gavin Townsend, and Caitlyn Riehl in the GIS lab. In exchange, our students will help his company enter a new age of digital products, social media, and web marketing. Stay tuned because there is going to be some really revolutionary products coming out of our association with Hunter and the dedicated hard work of our students.

Find out more about Hunter's work in this video:

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