Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Mapping the Past: The Surveys of George Washington - A Lecture Presented by Washington College

On February 22nd, 2012 Washington College will be playing host to an exciting event for the celebration of its namesake’s birthday. At 5:00 PM in the Gibson Center for the Arts’ Decker Theatre, Mr. Edward Redmond, Senior Reference Specialist and Curator in the Library of Congress, Geography and Maps Division, will be giving his lecture on the maps of George Washington. Mr. Redmond is not only an internationally recognized authority on George Washington’s maps but prior to his work with the Library of Congress he taught Early American History at West Chester University and is now working on an atlas of George Washington’s maps. With such a noteworthy authority, this lecture is sure to be nothing but eye opening and informative. Mapping the Past: The Surveys of George Washington is hosted by the Center of Environment and Society of Washington College, the Geographic Information Systems Laboratory, and the GRW Program. A number of paintings of George Washington as a surveyor can be found here.

In conjunction with Mr. Redmond’s lecture, an exhibit of approximately ten of George Washington’s maps will be on display in the William Frank Visual Arts Hallway of the Gibson Center for the Arts. This exhibit will available for viewing from February 18th- 26th, 2012. The maps that will be displayed range in years from 1748 to 1793 and are all maps that Washington himself drew, from one of his first maps, or Lawrence Washington’s turnip garden at Mount Vernon, to land surveys and a few maps depicting his estate at Mount Vernon. Accompanying each of the maps will be a short description of the map as well as a locator map to give the viewer a better understanding of the location of the area.

Can’t make the lecture? Don’t fret! In making the effort to make this wonderful lecture available to a broad audience, the entire lecture will be streamed live online through a webcast at http://live.washcoll.edu, which is provided by the Office of Information Technologies at Washington College. The program will begin at approximately 4:50 PM on February 22nd, 2012. By making this lecture available to the public and online, we hope that Mr. Redmond’s lecture will be an enjoyable experience for all.

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