Monday, February 6, 2012

The Washington College GIS Program Provides Mapping and Data Services to Maryland Health Resource Centers

In partnership with the Maryland Community Health Resources Commission, the GIS program has been working for the past year and a half to provide in-depth mapping services and data analysis to federally qualified health centers and other health care providers in the state of Maryland. Many of these health care providers focus on low-income, uninsured, and other high-risk populations. By combining demographic analysis, patient data, and spatial analysis, GIS can help community health resources target the people most in need of their services more effectively.

The maps are custom-produced to best fit the needs of each respective organization. Some products are used for reference purposes and are as simple as a map of the current and proposed health center locations. Others are much more complex; for instance, overlaying regional poverty and infant mortality data to pinpoint areas of highest concern. With organizations that have signed an a formal agreement with us, we also perform detailed patient distribution mapping which helps health centers determine exactly where their patients are coming from and what health indicators they exhibit. However, in this situation, we must take data security very seriously because of HIPAA requirements; thus, maps utilizing patient data are not available for public view.

Most recently, the GIS lab is working with the Community Health Resources Commission (CHRC) on a major overhaul of their website. In addition to updating the layout that will enable the CHRC to coordinate with other Maryland government sites, the latest site will also boast new content and features. Visitors will be able to pull up information on the CHRC’s special projects and targeted goals, browse an interactive map of the 78 health grantees, and search for nearby health centers by address using a custom Microsoft Silverlight application. This project is nearing completion, so look for the new and improved site to debut soon!

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