Monday, October 12, 2009

Current Projects: Historic Chestertown in 3D

Washington College’s Stewart Bruce and his Introduction to GIS students are putting together a 3D model of the current Washington College campus. Photos and building footprints of the campus are acquired, than placed into Google Sketch Up where students rebuild the campus in 3D. Once the project is completed, it will be placed on the Washington College website so that alumni or prospective students who are not able to visit the campus will be able to take a virtual tour of Washington College. Yet, the project does not stop here. A 3D time series will also be created in order to show how the campus has changed over the years.

The GIS Lab is doing something similar with historic Chestertown. Student Stephanie Olsen ‘12 strolls the streets of Chestertown, taking pictures of the homes, than brings them back to the lab. Once in the lab, they are placed in ArcMap and Google Sketch Up where students Jimmy Bigwood ’12, Tyler Brice ‘13, Lydia Powell ‘12, and Kim Zepeda ‘13 reference the footprints, aerial photography, and street view photography to add them in developing accurate 3D representations of the buildings today.

Welcome to Water Street, Chestertown Above 3D Rendering of North Water Street, created by Washington College 3D Modeling team pictured here.

120 North Water Street

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