Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Student Spotlight: Olivia Hughes

     Sophomore Olivia Hughes is a Biology major spending her semester traveling the Chesapeake with the Center for Environment and Society, but has also been known to spend her time in the GIS lab as a 3D modeler.

     Now in her second year as a GIS intern, Hughes has heavily invested in learning the Google SketchUp technology that WC GIS has relied on to create realistic 3D visualizations of the world around us. Recreations have been made of current architecture and those of the past with the much appreciated funding of the Maryland Historical Trust.

     As a member of the Easton 3D project team, Hughes worked collaboratively with other interns and the Town of Easton to create 3D streetscapes of certain areas of town where future development may occur. 

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Student Spotlight: Stephen McFall

           Most GIS interns didn’t get their start until they began studying at WC, but for freshman Stephen McFall, his experience with GIS technology began many years before. 
     A native of Smethport, PA, McFall has followed Stewart Bruce in his studies of GIS. “I first got involved with GIS in the summer before starting 7th grade. My local 4-H educator had suggested a GIS camp held at Penn State. It was the first time I had ever heard about GIS and I thought it was the most interesting technology ever.” Stewart Bruce was hosting the GIS camp that summer, and the next year he moved to Maryland to teach GIS technology at Washington College.

Friday, October 5, 2012

Alumni Spotlight: Buffy Conrad '08

        It is a goal in life to find something worthy of passing on to your children. WC GIS Lab Alumni realize that the power and potential of geospatial technology is a treasure trove of possibility today, and tomorrow. Buffy Conrad ’08 not only returns to WC to assist in the GIS Summer camp as “Counselor Buffy,” but she brings her daughters and their friends, and is excited to volunteer this summer while her son attends.
     An Archaeology major, Conrad took introductory GIS classes and worked in the GIS Lab for only 6 months. During her time in the Lab she was able to undertake a variety of projects related to archaeology, history preservation and land use. She updated the Kent County Historic property attributes, organized data for the Archaeology Predictive Model, digitized the St. Michaels development project in its early stages, geo-coded crime mapping address data, actively collected data in the field and made many maps. After graduation, Conrad worked on staff in the Lab as a GIS Specialist for 6 months. 

Monday, October 1, 2012

Student Spotlight: Susanna Comfort

     Don’t know a thing about Geographic Information Systems? Neither did Susanna Comfort. But she says: “You shouldn’t let that stop you from joining the GIS Lab team at Washington College.” 
     A freshman from Denton, MD she plans to pursue a major in Political Science and Economics. This being her first year with GIS, she was roped in out of curiosity. Only 5 weeks into the academic year, Comfort is amazed at her experiences with the technology.