Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Connecting with Morocco: Youssef's Story

     You might think working in the GIS lab is all about advanced technology and maps. But a closer look shows that there is much more to be gained in the lab beyond face value. Youssef Guedira is currently studying at WC as a junior from Al Akhawayn University in Morocco. This Engineering student was quick to jump on an opportunity to work at the lab.
     “WC was the highest ranked institution among the list of partnerships my university has with American institutions. While working on my computer one night, I saw an email form Stew Bruce calling for application to work for the GIS lab. I had a web development internship during the summer of 2011 and my handling of HTML started in 8th grade. I thought that I may be helpful and that it would be an interesting experience. So, I emailed Stew back, and we set a meeting.” 
     During his time as a GIS intern, Youssef has worked with GIS Analyst Emily Aiken to create a professional website for the Upper Shore Regional Council, a regional planning and development agency for Cecil, Kent and Queen Anne's counties to foster the physical, economic and social development of the region. Now that the website has been launched, he has been working on updating the GIS lab website.
     “My time in the lab has changed my web design experience, now that the College has switched to working with the Livewhale programming. I am now working with a website Content Management System rather than with the common web development tools that I am used to. This challenges me to first get used to the new design environment, and then try to make the best we can out of it. I hope we will finish working on the GIS website before I have to leave for Morocco.”
     Youssef knows that his time in the lab has given a sense of expected responsibility and the skills to meet the needs of a client, something that will be most expected in the career of an Engineer.
     “A big part of my job would be to meet the client, understand the client’s needs, and then find the technical solution that would match those needs. I will have to be ready to change parts in the project according to the client’s demand, so flexibility is also huge. I have now had the chance to become acquainted with this procedure. Having worked on a professional website in the GIS lab, I can now build the website for my own future business.”

You can see Youssef’s website work here:

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