Friday, November 9, 2012

GIS Student Spotlight: Jeff Sullivan

     It’s been said that a single class can change your life. Now a junior at WC, Jeff Sullivan now holds an intern position in the GIS lab, a job that would not have been possible without taking the Intro. to GIS.
     “I really enjoyed the skills I learned in this class and when a position became available in the lab, I was able to snag a job with crime mapping,” said Sullivan.

     An Environmental Studies major, Sullivan sees GIS as a way to expand his potential and relevance in the environmental field. It was his interest in the environment is what led him to Washington College after graduation from Lake Forest High School in Felton, Delaware in 2010. Sullivan was also a participant in the Chesapeake Semester program in the fall of 2011, a program combining fieldwork, intensive study and outdoor adventure throughout the 64,000 square mile watershed of the Bay and ends with a journey to Peru to compare the cultural, economic, and political forces at work in each region.
      This past summer, Sullivan was an intern with the College’s Chester River Field Research Center at Chino Farms, where he mapped and band migratory songbird populations while conducting research.

     “These GIS mapping skills have already been useful to me in multiple classes and in my internship this past summer. I am hopeful that these same skills will aid me in a position with wildlife management, where it is critical to know the population ranges of various species,” said Sullivan.

     The next time you consider taking a class that is completely new to you and outside your realm of interest, don’t hold back. You never know the benefits it could bring.

      Click here to learn more about the Chesapeake Semester and the Center for Environment and Society: Chesapeake Semester

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