Tuesday, February 19, 2013

GIS Lab: A Melting Pot of Majors

     In the GIS lab, you will find those studying anything from Political Science to Environmental Studies working on projects in the lab on any given day.
     Sociology major, Alicia DeBonis became part of the GIS team after taking the Into to GIS course offered at WC, leading to an internship with the GIS lab.
     “It was probably the best decisions I have ever made”, says DeBonis. “It provided me with work experience and helped form great connections with other employees and community members.”

     While taking the GIS course, DeBonis had the opportunity to immerse herself in a project involving crime mapping using campus Public Safety crime reports. 

   Sociology is the study of people and how they interact within a given society and the development of technology over the past few decades has changed the way individuals interact.

   “Even though many people do not know what GIS stands for, many continuously use different forms of it everyday,” says DeBonis. “ Have you ever looked up driving directions on Google Maps? How about that GPS you got the Christmas after you got your driver’s license? Those handy devices are a product of GIS technology.”

    DeBonis hopes to use her newfound skills to make a positive impact on her community. “I hope to work on projects that make a difference in the community. I would like to be able to help community members using the skills that I’ve attained through this job, to show them all the great ways that the GIS program at WC can help them.”        

By: Rachel Puglia

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