Thursday, March 21, 2013

Senior Plans to Give Back to Hometown with GIS

Seniors are priceless assets to the WC GIS lab, in that, most have worked in the lab all four year of their college career gathering skills with much invested time and experience. Senior Nich Tremper is one of our 2013 seniors who started working at the GIS lab during his freshman year, after he responded to a list serve e-mail from GIS Director Stew Bruce looking for first year students. After interviewing on the first day of classes, he became an important part of the GIS lab community.

Tremper is currently working with Green Earth Connections in creating a Moodle site that can be used by Maryland Department of Agriculture employees. Moodle is an interactive distance learning site, similar to Blackboard, which is what the students and professors use here at the College.

Throughout his time at the GIS lab, Tremper has worked primarily with curriculum development, long distance learning, and crime mapping training, but this Business Management Moodle project has been his favorite project in GIS. “This project allows me to help manage a group of interns in successfully completing the project. Moreover, I’m the main contact for our partners.”
 Leadership is not a foreign concept to this Economics and International studies double major. Tremper also serves as the Financial Controller of the Student Government Association, a Resident Life Assistant and as President of the Kappa Sigma Fraternity. These roles and more have given him a place in the National Leadership Honor Society (ODK) and the Cater Society of Junior Fellows.
“My favorite part of working in the GIS lab is the dedication that the professional staff has to student development. The staff is always looking for new ways to develop skills and professional behavior in the student interns” 

This past summer he worked at the Kansas City Missouri Community Development CDE. “The firm has begun to look at GIS programs to better identify highly distressed areas and needs for future projects.” After graduation Tremper hopes return here and apply the skills he has learned in the GIS lab toward the betterment of his hometown.

-by: Rachel Puglia

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