Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Memoirs of a Marketing Team

     The GIS Marketing Team is heavily invested in the community as an extension of the GIS lab. At the beginning of this school year, the GIS Marketing team was developed as a brand new sector of the GIS program. “A lot of the year was trial and error,” said Marketing Team Captain Olivia Hanley. “Our team took what we already knew about social media and marketing and implemented that knowledge into whatever task we were given. With Stew’s assistance and confidence in our team, we eventually acquired ‘clients.’ It is our job to monitor their social media sites and gain as much social media presences as possible.”
     The Marketing Team’s work is continuous because new skills are constantly being learned and perfected. Team members must also keep up with the pace of the current social media world. “We have made a great deal of progress since the beginning of the year,” said Olivia. “In the coming years, we plan to grow as a team and further define precise marketing plans for each client we obtain.”

     The social media and advertising projects assist local businesses, as well as more national programs, in increasing their internet business presence and professionally linked community. Within the past year, the GIS Marketing Team has taken on projects with the MapStory Foundation, the vision of USGIF’s Christopher Tucker to create a new dimension to the global data commons launched in April 2012. The website has been under constant development since the initial launching, and the GIS marketing team manages the social media sites and advises the MapStory Foundation of proper marketing techniques in order to expand.

     The Upper ShoreHarvest Directory is also another Marketing Team project, in which the directory is being revamped and updated with new businesses and interactive tools. The Directory is a free tool offered to local businesses in Cecil, Kent, and Queen Anne’s Counties encouraging consumers to shop local. The website will now offer content ranging from videos to business sites and specialized recipes. Upper Shore Regional Council’s Doris Mason hired the GIS marketing team to help the council penetrate the world of social media and the team manages the social media sites and consistently updates the council’s pages online.

     Upon the graduation of the Marketing Team’s leader’s, Olivia Hanley and Ali Lord, two new members have been added to our marketing team. Kate Duggan and Claire Cobert are both sophomores majoring in business management and have been hired to replace our two graduating seniors. In the short time they have worked in the lab, Kate and Claire have already proven that they are perfect replacements.

Below left to right: Seniors Olivia Hanley and Ali Lord


     “Working at the GIS office has been one of the best experiences of my college career,” said Olivia Hanley. “We have been exposed to professional business affairs and exchanges, which cannot be taught in a classroom. Our team learned to efficiently communicate with our boss, as well as our clients. We have learned through trial and error what works for a marketing team and what does not. Collaboration was essential and we found that we worked very well as a team. This experience wasn’t just a college job to make a little extra cash; this experience was a resume builder, a test of character, educational, and a way to test the waters of the business world. Working for the GIS marketing team has truly prepared us for graduation in a way that classrooms cannot.”

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