Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Classroom to Town: Mapping for the Chestertown Fire Department

Rocio is a sophomore from Washington, DC majoring in Biology with a concentration in Biochemistry and minoring in Hispanic studies on the Premed program. This is her first year working in the GIS Lab as a member of the GOCCP Crime team. She is currently working on a project on Sex Offender Routes in Montgomery County that will benefit the police for missing persons.

      Did you know that there are more than 80 fire hydrants in the Chestertown area? Rocio Valdes, a sophomore studying Biology with a concentration in Bio-Chemistry, is working with the Chestertown Fire Department to map all of the fire hydrants around town. Rocio began this project by driving around Chestertown with fellow GIS intern, Megan Conway in order to locate all of the fire hydrants which she would then plot on a map. Eventually, Rocio will work on mapping all of the fire hydrants in Kent County, but this semester she is focusing on Chestertown. Chestertown Fire Department asked Rocio to color code the fire hydrants on the map based on the water pressure of the hydrant, and there are also plans for her to accompany a firefighter to each fire hydrant so that they can determine if all of the hydrants are functional. This information will be added to the map as well.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Analyst of Many Trades: Stephanie Ireland

Stephanie is a Linkage Analyst in the GIS lab and works full time on the lab’s new “Spider Mapping” project, which consists of using IBM’s i2 software to create link charts that show connections between a variety of crime data sets. This project was put in motion at the request of Governor Martin O’Malley, and will soon be utilized by every police agency in the state as a tool for crime awareness and prevention. Stephanie is also an Imagery Analyst in the Navy Reserve, as well as a part-time student at Washington College seeking her BA in Anthropology.

      Stephanie Ireland is a full time employee at the Washington College GIS lab and a part time student at Washington College. This anthropology major is currently enrolled in Intermediate GIS, a course taught on campus by GIS Director Stew Bruce. As part of this class, Stephanie worked on an extensive project throughout the semester in addition to her everyday work in the lab. With a little brainstorming help from Stew, Stephanie took on a project involving Lyme disease research.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Transcending Borders Between History & Environment

     Tara Barber was first introduced to the GIS Lab when she went to the Office of Student Financial Aid to find an on-campus job as a first-year student. Although she didn’t know anything about GIS, Tara found the idea of map making and collecting data interesting. As an Anthropology student, she saw the potential for using GIS programs to map out data about different groups of people.

     During her time working for the GIS lab, Tara has learned to use several software programs, including Google SketchUP, Unity, and ArchMap. She says that her favorite program so far has been Google SketchUP because, as an Art minor, she really enjoys being able to use her artistic skills to render virtual models of homes. Tara has utilized her newfound GIS skills on a variety of projects, such as the Historic Homes and Chino Farms projects.

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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

The Knowledge of GIS Meets the Hope of Medicine

     Tyler Brice is among the most recent Washington College graduates as a member of the Class of 2013 and he hopes to use GIS in his career aspirations. Tyler hopes to pursue a career in medicine and feels that he will be able to use GIS to map and analyze information about how diseases move through a population, and find solutions for controlling and preventing outbreaks.

     Tyler Brice studied Biology with a minor in Chemistry. He is a Chestertown native who decided to come to Washington College after discovering that the other colleges he had looked at did not fit his needs. Staying in Chestertown has allowed him to live at home, and continue to enjoy all of the outdoor activities Chestertown has to offer.