Thursday, August 15, 2013

Summer at GIS

As students leave for summer, GIS is not as busy as it is during the school year with half of its student workers around. This summer, Melody joined our team and experienced the positive environment in sunny Chestertown.

Melody said: "I was looking for a summer job because I decided to stay in the United Sates for the duration of summer and I was too excited to get a reply from Stew Bruce for a tour and an interview. I have never heard of GIS before, I only knew it because my other boss Kate McCleary recommended it to me and a couple of my friends worked there. I did not have a clue what GIS was except that it was related to maps".

After a tour, Stew offered Melody a position on the social media and marketing team because of her previous experience in that field. Currently Melody is managing marketing and advertising for GIS and its clients, the MapStory Foundation and the Upper Shore Harvest Directory.

She mentioned: "Now that summer is about to end, I realized that I learned a huge deal from my experience here at GIS, I learned how to work directly with businesses, how to manage working on many projects and getting them professionally done, and I also learned many tricks and skills that I applied to social media for GIS and our other customers". Melody went on a DC work conference and met with MapStory, she also met with the Upper Shore Regional Council in Chestertown. She said: "This taught me how to be a better person at what I do and improved my long term objectives, especially with social media as this is one of my many experiences in this field. I am truly thankful to have had this opportunity to spend my summer here".

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