Tuesday, February 4, 2020

Crafting the Perfect Web (Design) – Hannah Ruff

Joining the lab in their second semester of their junior year, Hannah Ruff was brought in as a web developer. Their first project was the Chester River Watershed Organization (CRWO) site.
Now a senior, Ruff currently works on a number of projects, all in web design. The most prominent projects they’re involved with are Terra Verde and the Harvest Directory.
“Although it has been a lot of work and fairly frustrating at times, I most enjoy [working on] the Harvest Directory project,” Ruff said. “The team is a pleasure to work with and I believe that I have learned the most from this project.”
The Harvest Directory is a project co-partnered with the Upper Shore Regional Council, which strives to connect agribusinesses with local consumers throughout all the Eastern Shore. Making a form and web presence for the farms that sign up is a big part of the Harvest Directory’s initiative.
Ruff is double majoring in Computer Science and Art/Art History at Washington College, and they have an interest in web development or video game design. Though it seems to stray from those ideas, Ruff is also working on the Web Design track for the METS Guild, GIS’ STEM program for local 7-9 graders.
“I have never taught a class but I am finding this to be a very enjoyable experience. I’ve learned a lot about just how much work goes into preparing a class,” they said.

In their experience at GIS, they’ve learned both practical and in-job skills. “Time management is a skill that I believe I have improved in vastly during my short time at the lab. I have also learned new web-coding languages such as PHP and JSON.”
Although Ruff has only been here since March 2015, they have adjusted just fine. Ruff is already a Journeyman at the GIS Lab, overseeing most of the lab’s web development projects.
Thanks for all your hard work, Hannah!

AUTHOR:Brooke Schultz

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