Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Favorite blog posts from the Past

Well I may reminiscence here on my retro blog at metsguild.com on occasion.  This is after all a retro blog.

One of the best things I ever did at Washington College is to get Mr. Edward Redmond from the Library of Congress to come to Washington College and talk about his research.  If you ever get the chance descend to the depths of DC and visit the map library vault where you can see and touch, with gloves, George Washington's original maps, then go.  It's quite a thrill.

Thanks to then President Mitchell Reiss of Washington College and then Governor of Maryland Martin O'Malley for introducing Mr. Redmond's talk that evening.

On none other then Presidents Day.



Mr. Edward Redmond, Senior Reference Specialist and Curator in the Library of Congress, Geography and Maps Division, gave a lecture on the maps of George Washington. Mr. Redmond is not only an internationally recognized authority on George Washington's maps but prior to his work with the Library of Congress he taught Early American History at West Chester University and is now working on an atlas of George Washington's maps. Mapping the Past: The Surveys of George Washington is hosted by the Center for Environment and Society at Washington College, the Geographic Information Systems Laboratory, and the GRW Program. Video production by Digital Media Services at Washington College Event and sound production by the Washington College Department of Drama

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