Tuesday, February 4, 2020

GIS Intern Finalist for Student Employee of the Year

Senior and Journeyman Leader Brad Janocha was second runner up for Washington College’s 2016 Student Employee of the Year, but as far as the lab is concerned, he is a winner!

“Brad is a take-charge kind of person and someone I trust to deal directly with customers and manage projects and the student interns on those projects,” Program Coordinator Stewart Bruce said.

Currently, Janocha is managing the Program’s $20,000 contract with the Delaware State Department of Education to provide geospatial support and web services. He handles everything that goes into managing a project – setting up meetings, managing the work load, and delegating other student interns.

Janocha, right, with Shannon Preen, middle, talking to NGA representative
Janocha has been working at the lab since he was a freshman, and since then, “Brad’s work is always the highest quality and speed. As such, he only gets the toughest assignments to do in the lab,” Bruce said.

During his time here, Janocha has been involved with helping the UN with ground water improvement in Darfur and a project dealing with megacities. He attended an ESRI Conference on his own, had his own lightning round talk in front of over 10,000 people, and also sat down to talk to “GIS Cafe” about the Program.

“Most interns would not have shown that initiative on their own without some prodding,” Bruce said.

Janocha is also known for going above and beyond the standard for the Program. Even though students are only supposed to work 20 hours a week, Janocha’s dedication will have him working overtime without getting paid just so he can get the job done. He’s so reliable that Bruce has sent Janocha in his place to meet the Director of the National-Geospatial Agency.DSC_8506

“Brad is the poster child for why our GIS Program guild system is working for our students,” Bruce said. “While I can count many great students that I would like to see honored with this award, I can only nominate one and Brad is at the top of the guild in his performance.”

Congratulations for becoming a finalist, Brad! We know that you will accomplish great things in life!


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