Saturday, February 1, 2020

Student Spotlight: Olivia Hughes

Olivia Hughes, '15
Olivia Hughes, ’15
Olivia Hughes is a rising senior and is a Biology major.
Why did you want to work at the GIS lab, and how did you start working here?
I have been working at the lab since the fall of 2011 and I got started by looking for a campus job and contacting Stewart Bruce the summer before I came to WAC and we set up an interview and I started working the first week of class. I wanted to work here because GIS is an awesome background to have when looking for jobs in the environmental biology sector.  
What projects have you completed so far in your GIS career?
I started working doing 3D modeling as a freshman.  I worked on the Chestertown 3D project and the Easton 3D project and the ECI prison project all of which I did using sketchup. I worked on digitizing a basemap for the Chesapeake Maritime Museum for their War of 1812 exhibit.  Then I was funded by GOCCP and I started working on the CPTED project under Kelly Cottingham.  We did housing evaluation surveys and defender maps for targeted areas in Maryland indicated by the governor. After CPTED I moved to more environmental work and did a lot of impervious surface mapping for Cambridge Maryland.  I worked on some small projects here and there and I spent this whole year working on the Choptank Watershed Land.
What is your current project?
I am currently in between projects but think that I will start working on identifying slums in foreign countries.
What are your plans for the summer?
This summer I will be working for NOAA as an intern in Honolulu, HI measuring energy flow through biological systems at their wet lab on Ford Island in Pearl Harbor.

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