Saturday, February 1, 2020

Virtual Miller Library

The Dorm Project will receive a new addition – a virtual Miller Library. This project began with creating a video-game experience of all the dorms on campus, in order to allow prospective students to view the  dorms prior to stepping foot on campus. There are about seven people on board, who have been hard at work.
Alex Lucas was recently added to the project and took a moment to explain the process and progress thus far. “The library will be basically the same process as the dorms, and the models will be as realistic as possible,” Alex shared. So far, it appears to be that this specific part of the project will be easier to complete than some of the dorms were. The floor plans seem to better mirror the true state of the library, which may be due to the recent renovations of the Miller Library. This will also undergo the Unity treatment as the live dorm versions had received, which will give the virtual program a video-game feel.

Check out the live portions of the Dorm Project here and stay tuned for more information about the Miller Library!

AUTHOR:Kelly Dobroski

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