Tuesday, February 4, 2020

Math Magic at GIS

Working with the GIS Program helps develop a new way to look at problems, says Journeyman Leader at Washington College’s GIS lab.
Brian Gicking started working with the GIS Program Nov. 2014, and he’s been involved with GOCCP projects, from DOC release maps to linkage analysis.
When GIS switched from the old paper time sheets system to a new way of clocking in through an iPad, Gicking was the one who was responsible for creating it.
“Linkage analysis is by far my favorite project. As a math major, I get to see math in motion on the screen with the linkage analysis,” Gicking said. “A lot of people might think that’s lame, but it’s the coolest thing to me to see how the math works in different fields.”
Gicking’s hard work at the lab has paid off, and he started the Fall 2015 semester as a Journeyman Leader, the highest position for student interns in the GIS Program. While Gicking is still working with the same projects, his responsibility has shifted, requiring him to review the projects before they are sent out.
Gicking is a senior, and while he’s busy with classes and thesis work, he’s still contributed a lot to the lab. The GIS Program has helped hone his skills, as well. “Through my work here, I’ve gained the obvious software skills, but I’ve also gained public speaking and networking skills, as well as a new way of viewing and approaching problems,” he said.

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