Tuesday, February 4, 2020

Summer Kicks off at the GIS Lab

The 2016 summer interns have jumped into full gear at the GIS lab working 35 hours a week along with the GIS staff. The summer semester has begun very successfully as 26 interns have joined the team to help assist the lab in the plethora of projects being worked on, including 4 students interns that are working for Earth Data. The driven GIS interns that are at the lab for the summer semester include:

1 Graduated Senior: Koppany Jordan
5 Rising Seniors: Daniel Benton, Katie Walker, Erin Bloodgood, Christian Cooke, and Elizabeth Frye
5 Rising Juniors: Mark Christie, Casey Williams, Shane Manske, Jacob Hathaway, and Lindsey Arnstein
8 Rising Sophmores: Paige Guarino, Shannon Preen, Taylor Blades, Aaron Compton, Molly Flowers, Jiahan Lui, Morgan Perry, and Girija Ganeshan
3 Rising Freshman: Carl Williams, Emily Dobson, and Sara Kaminski
4 High School Students: Gavin Blue, Ryan Muller, Jervis Blake, and Phin Howell

The students are evenly distributed among all of the varying projects and grants throughout the lab. The GIS staff are grateful to have full time effort from these hard working students to put towards the projects they are managing.

Working at the GIS lab over the summer proves to be a very successful experience for the students as well. See below as some of the students express their reasoning for choosing to work at GIS over the summer:

  • Katie Walker, Journeyman Leader, explained that she “wanted to work here because of the wonderful co-workers and positive work atmosphere, as well as the ability to learn new skills by getting involved with more projects. Having worked here last summer, I understood that you can become more involved in the lab working over the summer than during the school year.”

  • Casey Williams, Journeyman, said that she chose to work at GIS because it “gives me the opportunity to get to know my coworkers better, to meet and get to know new students and employees, and it gives me the opportunity to better myself by working on different projects, while improving upon skills or learning new ones.”

  • Girija Ganeshan, Apprentice I, states that she chose to work at GIS this summer in order “to gain experience working in office environments.”

  • Koppany Jordan, Journeyman Leader, expressed that he “chose to work at GIS this summer because it’s an amazing environment to work in. It’s a great place to acquire new skills and be challenged in ways you don’t think possible. Staff are very welcoming and strive to help you see your fullest potential, no matter the line of work. That is why I asked to come back to GIS for the summer, so that I could not only continue to grow in this place and more fully develop my skills, but also learn something new along the way.”

  • Shannon Preen, Apprentice I, said that she “chose to work here this summer to maintain my skills learned this past school year and to open myself up to learn more this summer. I believe if I didn’t work here this summer, next semester when I return I won’t be as refreshed in the skills I have obtained.”

As an added bonus, Stewart Bruce, GIS Program Coordinator, has initiated a professional development session once a week for all staff and students in order to learn new skills that everyone can put into action for their professional careers. As the cherry on top of these bonus learning sessions, free lunch will also be provided. Everybody can certainly agree that Stewart Bruce is very adamant about the professional development for all the students and staff and we are grateful for his dedication to the lab and to everyone who works here.

The interns and staff are braced and ready to go for a successful summer at the GIS lab!


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