Tuesday, February 4, 2020

The First Summer Institute of Geospatial Technology

This summer, for the first time ever, the Geographic Information Systems Lab at Washington College is teaming up with other geospatial professionals to teach a series of workshops that cover a range of topics from GIS to crime analysis to 3D modeling and much more! This collaboration is hosted at Washington College and is called the Summer Institute of Geospatial Technology. These workshops are intended for adult professionals that want to expand their knowledge of GIS related topics and cultivate the various skills that come with learning new techniques or software. Each workshop is rated based on how much prior knowledge is needed in order to attend the course. Some courses require no prior experience with GIS related software, which is perfect for professionals that may be curious about geospatial technology.  Some classes such as CrimeStat and Crime Analysis are perfect for law enforcement agencies or professionals that want to learn more about how to analyze and map crime in different ways.  The workshops are taught not only by a few members of our staff, such as Stewart Bruce, Erica McMaster, Andrew Wright, and others, but also by professionals who are experts in their field.
The Institute, which runs from August 2nd through August 22nd, provides in-depth classes ranging over 1, 2, or 3 days. These intensive, full day, classes allow for students to work closely with geospatial experts while learning new skills, techniques, and software. Our website allows for easy online registration, and we have even provided a list of local accommodations, as well as a full description of each course being taught at the Institute.  Taking classes at the Institute will greatly increase a student’s knowledge of geospatial technology and will provide them with the right skills and techniques in order to take the things they have learned there and apply it to their work. Students who would like the opportunity to learn more about, or learn how to use software such as ArcGIS, Unity, CityEngine, and much more should look into taking courses at the Summer Institute of Geospatial Technology.
Check out the Summer Institute’s page here!
Check out the Summer Institute’s flyer here!

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