Tuesday, February 4, 2020

The Importance of GIS Education

The Washington College GIS Program was mentioned in Directions Magazine in an article about the importance of mentoring.

Effective mentoring blends advice, training, modeling, supporting and guiding. Mentoring can make the difference between barely and anxiously managing to scrape through the tasks for a single assignment versus excited dedication to a whole new career. 
Our program starts our first-year students as Junior Apprentices and as they work and finesse their skills in their specific areas, the interns are able to rise through the ranks and could eventually achieve the title of Journeyman Leader, becoming the project manager of any number of projects going on at the lab. Some of our Journeyman Leaders have gone on to work to work at NOAA, like alumna Olivia Hughes, or will have opportunities to work at places like Booz Allen Hamilton once they graduate, like seniors Josh Hyde and Stephen McFall.

The program helps the young apprentices flourish as well. Freshman Shannon Preen had the opportunity to present a poster about the project at NGA on GIS Day that she’s been working on under the leadership of senior Brad Janocha.

Washington College’s GIS Program, funded by the Verizon Foundation and Upper Shore Regional Council, has also expanded its reaches to teaching GIS, Web Design, and 3D Visualization and Gaming, founding “The METS Guild of Chestertown.” The young, grades 7-9 students are taught by interns in the GIS Program, giving both a learning experience. The Guild will also have the opportunity to put their skills to the test and work on real life projects this semester.

Thanks to Directions Magazine for featuring us in their great piece about GIS education – we’re glad to be a part of it! Check out the full article here.As usual, we’re looking forward to the future and expanding the program even more!

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