Tuesday, February 4, 2020


Among all the overwhelming sights for a first-year walking onto Washington College’s campus when attending an open house is the GIS Program’s table. But for now junior Erin Bloodgood, she was able to pick out the table regardless of everything going on around her. That was in 2013 – now Bloodgood is a Journeyman, one of the highest positions in the GIS Program at WC.

Since the whirlwind that got her hired, Bloodgood has been doing things from data entry and research projects, like Washington Atlas/Washington’s World Poroject,the National Parks  Service Chesapeake Explorer App, and the Harvest Directory, to writing blog posts and managing the lab’s social media posts and keeping up the GIS website. Bloodgood is a nomad in the office – in October, she started working on one of our newest projects, Earth Data. But she can do a bit of anything.

She said, “I’ve also taken both Intro to GIS and Intermediate GIS and I was able to learn all kinds of skills and work on the Megacities project for Lagos, Nigeria. And I help with whatever research Stew wants done.” For instance, last semester, Bloodgood wrote a report for the WC Faculty Council – a jack of all trades in the GIS lab.

“I’ve definitely gained many skills from time management skills to writing skills that come with learning ArcGIS,” she said. “I really enjoyed researching for the Washington’s World project because I love history and I thought that was a really cool project. I also really like the idea of the Harvest Directory – although I don’t work on it anymore – and it’s definitely something I could see myself using.”

Bloodgood is anthropology major, and while she’s not completely sure what she wants to do after graduating college, she thinks that her wide skill set that she gained from the lab will be helpful.

She is looking to broaden her horizons here – Bloodgood hasn’t quite tackled the “crime-side” of the lab, but she’s unsure if she’ll ever get the opportunity to work on that side. For now, she’s considering learning how to code because “It would probably just be helpful in general.”

As of the start of the semester, she’s not sure what she’ll be working on, but right now she’s helping Journeyman Leader Daniel Benton download data for the Sultana project.

Whatever it is, though, she’s sure to succeed.


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